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Boxing And Crossfit Heavy Skipping Rope

Boxing And Crossfit Heavy Skipping Rope

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Take Your Training To The Next Level!!

Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA or Crossfit, this skipping rope is more than just an enhancement to your training.

1. Improves cardiovascular health
Using a weighted jump rope is a quick and effective way to increase your heart and respiratory rates.
Like many other forms of aerobic exercise, repetitive jumping gives your cardiovascular system a workout, strengthening your overall heart health. Jumping with a weighted rope just takes it up a notch.

Bonus: All that cardio helps you burn calories too.

2. Boosts bone density
Did you know that sometimes a bit of stress on the bones can be a good thing?
According to one small 2021 study involving female Olympic-level athletes, weight-bearing exercise — like jumping with a heavy rope — a couple times a week can improve bone density.

3. Improves balance and coordination
Using a weighted jump rope can improve coordination and joint repositioning, according to a small 2011 study involving teen athletes.
Jumping rope can feel super tricky at first — but as your balance improves, the activity gets a whole lot easier. Don’t be surprised if you notice an improvement in stability after a few weeks of jumping with a weighted jump rope.

4. Builds muscle strength
Using a weighted jump rope = using your forearm, shoulder, and upper arm muscles, among others. And a small 2017 study said that’s great for building upper body strength.
But that’s not all. Jumping with a weighted rope also builds strength in your legs, hips, and abs. Basically, it’s a stellar full-body workout.

5. It’s fun!
There’s a reason jumping rope was so popular on the playground. It’s pretty dang fun.
Sometimes finding a genuinely enjoyable workout is all you need to start adding more movement to your day. Exercise doesn’t need to be miserable to be effective, right?


  • Sizing - 9ft rope weighs 430gr and is recommended for heights 5'9" to 6'1" tall.
  • 3 different colors (Red, Grey, Blue).
  • Foam grip handles.
  • 7mm or 9mm version available in upgrade.
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